6201ZZ - Bearings on trolleys

Jul 15, 2023

The handcart is a transport vehicle that is pushed and pulled by manpower, and it is the ancestor of all vehicles.

Although the trolley material handling technology continues to develop, the trolley is still used as an indispensable handling tool. Trolleys are widely used in production and life because of their low cost, simple maintenance, convenient operation, and light weight. They can work in places where motor vehicles are inconvenient, and are very convenient when carrying lighter items in short distances.


In a trolley, an essential part is the wheels. The wheels are composed of brackets, polyurethane wheels, dust covers, bearings, bushings, screws and nuts.


If the trolley has no bearings, there is no lubrication between the wheels and the shaft, the resistance is greater, it is more difficult to push, and it wears out quickly and is easily damaged. The bearings in the wheels play the role of flexible rotation of the wheels, ease of pushing, reduction of friction and quietness.

In wheelbarrow wheels, the most common are 6201ZZ bearings.



The following are the parameters of 6201 bearings:



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